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This glossary has been provided to help you understand some of the words used in the VICTORY® Program reimbursement process.

Federal programs

A number of federal government programs have been established to cover medical expenses for employees of Canadian federal services. These include the Public Service Health Care Plan, Canadian Forces Health Services, Interim Federal Health Program, Non-Insured Health Benefits program for First Nations and Inuit individuals, and Correctional Services of Canada.

Household income

Combined family income that reflects your current situation.

ID/Certificate no.

The unique plan number your employer has for your extended health benefits.

Plan/Policy no.

A number used to identify you as a member of a certain company's insurance plan.

Provincial drug card

A card issued at the provincial level to patients under certain circumstances, which is used to pay for prescribed medications. Ask your healthcare team whether this applies to you.

Private insurance

Most Canadians have some form of private health insurance, whether personal or part of an employment benefits plan, which in most cases includes drug costs. If you’re part of a group insurance program, check with your employer for details. The VICTORY® Program can assist in assessing your coverage for Amgen Canada Inc. oncology and hematology medications.

Provincial programs

Every province has its own drug benefits program to cover medical expenses for Canadians. Please visit the helpful resources page for links to province/territory-specific websites to learn about drug plans in your province or territory and how they can benefit you.


Compensation or partial payment of the cost of medication depending on drug coverage assistance from an insurance company and/or provincial and federal drug benefit programs.

VICTORY® Program Reimbursement Specialist

The VICTORY® Program Reimbursement Specialist is a representative of McKesson, the administrator of the VICTORY® Program, and can help provide individual and personalized information about drug coverage assistance from your insurance company and/or provincial and federal drug benefit programs. To help you with your assessment, the representative will ask you a series of questions for which you can prepare by using the patient checklist.